Bralen - LDPE

Slovnaft Petrochemicals, now part of the MOL multinational, manufacture a wide range plastics for a number of separate applications. Along with the petrochemical units of SLOVNAFT in Bratislava, the recent acquisition of TVK Plc. means that MOL’s petrochemical business now holds a leading position in Central Europe’s petrochemical sector. As part of the MOL Downstream Division, it is one of the ten largest polymer producers in Europe.

Bralen® is a trade name for the firm’s low-density polyethylene (LDPE) products. Manufactured using the high-pressure polymerisation of ethylene in an ICI autoclave reactor, the Bralen range boasts a range of benefits – chief among which is versatility.

The physical nature of Bralen-branded products is such that they are suitable for a broad range of applications; their mechanical characteristics likewise open up the potential for conversion to all conventional processing techniques. For more information, please download the brochure.

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