Kumho Petrochemical - ABS

Founded in 1970, Kumho Petrochermical is based in Korea and boasts the world’s largest manufacturing capacity for synthetic rubber. It should be no surprise, perhaps, that the company has therefore become a key presence in the industrial development of its home nation over four decades – and that this prominence has put it at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Kumho’s ABS represents one of the company’s main resin offerings. The plastic’s glossy surface finish and good dimensional stability in its final, foaming form provides it with real flexibility and versatility. Kumho ABS has been used in home appliances, toys, automobiles and even daily supplies.

ABS’s physical characteristics make it perfect for second processing – inclouding painting, adhesion and plating – and it sufficiently customisable for customer needs that injection, extrusion and hollow moulding are all viable applications.

Kumho has the aim of becoming a global company that adheres to the very highest of production values. To learn more about their ABS line, which includes a natural and black finish, please download the brochure.

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