Kumho Petrochemical - GPPS & HIPS

Founded in 1970, Kumho Petrochermical is based in Korea and boasts the world’s largest manufacturing capacity for synthetic rubber. It should be no surprise, perhaps, that the company has therefore become a key presence in the industrial development of its home nation over four decades – and that this prominence has put it at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Kumho’s HIPS and GPPS ranges both offer universal resins for home appliances, structural parts and daily supplies. The plastics in both ranges boast great impact strength and foaming processability.

The HIPS range, which combines PS and rubber, offers resistance to impact and water, and non-toxicity despite dimensional stability. With an electrical characteristic and foaming processability, HIPS products are available in various grades for a range of different uses – and each is in compliance with the food hygiene regulations of both the US FDA nad the EU.

The GPPS resins offer similar non-toxic, electrical and resistance properties, with good transparency and colouring. It is also good for both foaming and thermofoaming, with low-melt viscoxity and decomposition by heating. Common usages include in disposable cups, optical disc cases, electronic parts and more.

Kumho has the aim of becoming a global company that adheres to the very highest of production values. To learn more about their HIPS and GPPS lines, which includes a natural and black finish, please download the brochure.

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