Kumho Petrochemical - SAN

Founded in 1970, Kumho Petrochermical is based in Korea and boasts the world’s largest manufacturing capacity for synthetic rubber. It should be no surprise, perhaps, that the company has therefore become a key presence in the industrial development of its home nation over four decades – and that this prominence has put it at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Kumho’s SAN is the firm’s offering for us in the home appliances, cosmetics, compounding and building materials sectors. It is also suitable for use in miscellaneous goods, due to its high stiffness, wear resistance and good transparency. With chemical resistance for the foaming products, the plastic is deployable in electronics, daily supplies and different compounding.

Kumho SAN can exhibit a certain yellowness due to the heat history during foaming; it is possible to control this element of the finish by adding a blue tint additive.

Kumho has the aim of becoming a global company that adheres to the very highest of production values. To learn more about their SAN line, which includes a natural and black finish, please download the brochure.

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