Reprocessed Materials

Reprocessing and recycling plastics is no optional extra – it is part of the plastics industry’s responsibility to the environment and our communities. That’s why we have developed real expertise in reprocessing: over our years of operation, we’ve invested in the skills and the technology necessary to do it right.

Reprocessing is about taking unwanted plastics and making them usable again. Of course, turning recyclables into new compounds ensures sustainability. But it also needs to ensure first-class compounds and superb final products – that’s where our expertise come in.

We focus on producing reprocessed materials suitable for all plastic moulding applications, and our many years in the industry have enabled us to supply consistent, high-grade compounds which do not compromise on quality. Not only that, but we’re able to reprocess materials to your exact specifications: from purpose and appearance to blend, we will be able to meet your needs.

We offer material in either bulk bags or 25kg bags. Call us today to discuss your requirements.