Sidpec - HDPE

Sidpec is a key firm in the Egyptian petrochemicals sector. Established in Egypt in 1997, Sidpec is a joint stock company which places itself at the heart of the country’s future petrochemical growth. Fully compliant with Egyptian environmental regulations, Sidpec also invests in the latest technology in order to ensure the quality of its produces.

The firm’s HDPE polymers are part of its “Egyptene” portfolio of plastics. Every product in this line is of food grade, and the HDPE polyethylene in particular is suitable for a very wide range of applications, including film grades, and blow moulding, injection and roto moulding grades.

Sidpec’s aim of maintaining its Polyethylene local market leadership places upon it the responsibility to meet and exceed the expectations of regulators and customers alike in its terms of its product quality and marketing services; and the company’s aim to develop its global market share has also led it to a commit to developing a technological edge in the field of polyethylene production. To find out more about its excellent products, please download the brochure.

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