Slovnaft/Mol - PPCP & RANDOM

Along with the petrochemical units of SLOVNAFT in Bratislava, the recent acquisition of TVK Plc. means that MOL’s Petrochemical business now holds a leading position in Central Europe’s petrochemical sector. As part of the MOL Downstream Division, it is one of the ten largest polymer producers in Europe.

The Downstream Division’s key advantage is its capacity to lean heavily on the benefits of refinery integration: Slovnaft/MOL enjoy the advantages of secured feedstock supply, robust finances and a strong position in the regional markets; not only that, they boast the high quality products of its optimized production capacities.

We are proud stockists of Slovnaft/MOL’s PPCP Tatren & Tipplen grades. Indeed, we routinely hold a large stock of PP grades at any one time - please download our product catalogue for a full list of grades and their properties.

Slovnaft/MOL’s is a highly competitive portfolio of high quality polyolefin products which are constantly measured against, and improved in light of, customer feedback and need. Driven by their Central European location, the firm is one with growth in mind, and the quality of their line certainly offers them the opportunity to exploit the surge in demand for polymers in that region.

Not coincidentally, demand for the line amongst our own clients is high and getting higher, too.

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