Tipelin - HDPE

Since its acquisition of TVK Plc., the multinational MOL oil and gas group is responsible for manufacturing the polyethylene marketed under the registered trademark Tipelin®. It is available in both medium density (MDPE) and high density (HDPE) grades.

Both Tipelin®grades are manufactured using continuous suspension polymerization. This is undertaken under licence from Phillips Petroleum Company, utilising a low pressure catalytic process. The co-polymers produced with hexene-1 co-monomer grades report a density range of 0.934-0.955 g/cm3.

Meanwhile, CX Process is used to produce the bimodal high density Tipelin® types; this is under licence from Mitsui. A two-reactor system is utilised in this “slurry phase” polymerization, along with a super-high-activity catalyst. These co-polymer grades produced with butene-1 co-monomer have a density range of 0.951-0.960 g/cm3.)

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